What is the African Manifesto

African Manifesto

The word African specifically relates to the indigenous people of the African continent and their descents in the Diaspora ( Caribbean , Americas , Arabia , etc). The race-nationality model such as that currently employed by African-American, African-Brazilian and African-Caribbean communities more accurately describes the identity whilst fully articulating the history and geopolitical reality.

The miscellaneous usage of the label 'Black' within this site reflects its contemporary use as a means to denote a specific

sociocultural and political context. It is recognized as a colloquial term that was fashioned as a reactionary concept to derogatory racial epithets in the 1960's. It is offensive when used as a racial classification code word to denote African people. Other such denigrating terminology when made in reference to African culture, heritage or identity are 'Tribe', 'Sub-Saharan Africa', or 'black Africa '.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

African Memorial Month

African History is world history, moreover; our history is every day. Henceforth, a monthly presentation will be presented featuring different elements of our heritage. African Memorial Month is featured in May to feature our neglected and forgotten Heroes in the western hemisphere. In the US, we’re familiar with Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Dr King and in Africa, Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah and Haille Selesse I was household names. However, we must acquaint ourselves with the Latin American heroes such as: the enslaved African-Mexican Gasper Yanga and Abdias do Nascimento, a Brazilian writer, painter, politician and scholar who was an outspoken civil rights leader on behalf of African Brazilians, has died in Rio de Janeiro.

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